Calling Out Your Audience With a Bold Statement

Calling out Your Audience with Bold Statements

By now you’ve watched the presentation in Part 3 and are ready to start writing your script. Congratulations!

Let’s start with a simple call-out and bold statement to establish rapport with your visitors and immediately gain their interest. Ready to win their attention?

This is the most important part of your video. Here’s an example:

“ in… ! …”

This is what a real-life example would look like:

“Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles! Learn how you can get more listings now…”

Let’s break down this sentence.

  • “Real Estate Agents” are your prospects,
  • “Los Angeles” is the area you want to serve,
  • “Learn how you can get more listings now…” your value proposition (or bold statement)

What’s the value you bring to your audience? How can you tell your prospects why they’ll benefit from doing business with you rather than your competition? When answering this, avoid slogans and buzzwords. And remember, if you need my help crafting the perfect bold statement, I’m at your service.

Here are a couple of examples you can draw ideas from:

“Calling all aspiring filmmakers in Los Angeles! Join us and discover compelling story principles in persuasive filmmaking that will elicit ground-swelling responses from your audience​…”

“Busy California moms! Learn how you can launch a writing business from home and start making money online in your free time!”

You can swap them around if you want to try something like this:

“Introducing a revolutionary lending service for desperate business owners in the ABC area, guaranteed to alleviate pandemic-related financial hardships!”

Is this making sense so far?

These statements are very specific. You’re calling out exactly who you want to speak to, then making a bold statement to grab their attention. It’s like a virtual “psssst…”

Next, we’ll talk about how to create your lead-in statement. I’ll see you in the next article of this series.