Creating a Powerful Lead-In Statement

Creating Powerful Lead-in Statements

In this section, we’re going to create your lead-in statement. This is the beginning of your story, the part that leads the visitor into your content by focusing on their main pain point. 

A pain point is a persistent issue, a specific problem your prospect is seeking to solve. We’re going to create a solution that speaks to individuals looking for your solutions. 

The single-most important question to ask yourself during this phase of your script is this: what’s the problem you’re solving with this piece of content?

Keep your statements as short as possible and focus on speaking to their feelings—not their needs. 

This is how to grab their interest: 

  • “Have you always wanted…”  
  • “Have you ever noticed how…” 
  • “What if you could…” 
  • “Do you ever FEEL like…” 
  • “Let me tell you the secret to how…”
  • “Did you know…”

I hope this is making sense. Let me show you a complete example using “did you know…”

  • “Did you know, every 30 seconds, burglars strike homes in California while someone’s at home?”

Got it? 

It’s important not to go off on tangents or side stories. Stick to the time constraints I’ve outlined and I guarantee you’ll see results. 

Remember, the entire focus of your content is centered on a single situation, one desired outcome, one busted myth, one lightbulb moment. 

This is because speaking on more than one central topic will cause confusion, and we want to avoid this at all costs. 

Here’s your homework. 

To give you a brief overview of your audience, answer the following questions with one short sentence to the best of your abilities. 

  1. What’s the main pain point your prospect is experiencing?
  2. What false beliefs may be holding them back? (It’s important to know their false beliefs, because we need to shatter them in our story. Take time to research your customer’s internal and external false beliefs).
  3. What’s their desired outcome?
  4. What’s your solution?
  5. Describe a powerful personal experience with the solution you’re advocating. (This is a lightbulb moment, the “aha!”).
  6. What’s the main object lesson you want your prospect to walk away with? 

I highly recommend taking the time to learn everything you can about your prospects and to answer these questions with very short sentences. 

If you need help writing your script, I’ve included a link for you below. I’d love to talk more with you and learn how I may be of assistance.