How to Reel In Your Viewers

How to reel in your viewers

Now you’re ready to start reeling in your viewers with a story, showing them their need for your particular product or service. 

Remember not to go off on tangents or to ask them to follow you. This will come at a later time. Now we’re going to add a call to action inviting them to consume what we’ve prepared for them. 

Show them their need: 

  • “Before I discovered <solution>, <relate personal pain point>.

Describe their pain in your words. For example:

  • “Before I discovered Joe’s copywriting program, I was wasting a lot of time writing my scripts. My content marketing efforts were fruitless. I tried everything but I kept losing potential buyers and my content marketing efforts were a complete disaster.

At this stage we want to start talking about the solution you want to introduce them to and invite them to become a part of your world.

Your statement should look something like:

  • “Now, I can’t imagine <big difference> without <solution>.”

A real life example should look something like:

  • “Now, I can’t imagine myself creating video content without referencing Joe’s Video Sales Letter writing formula.” 

Next, you’ll answer why you feel this way. Below is an example of this, a description of your solution.

  • “After I started putting this formula to practice in my content creation strategy, I immediately noticed a huge boost in retention, client interest, and more sales.”

Follow with a brief statement describing the overall outcome:

  • I’m so excited I found…. X. This has been a game changer for my lead generation efforts. 

This is the easiest way I can show you how to retain your prospect’s attention while you’re relating your story to them. 

In the next article I’ll show you the final step in the process, the closing call.